Let the Current do the Dirty Work

When wading on the Lower Yuba and nymphing with indicators and multiple shot, banging out false casts with a nymphing rigg can lead to more time spent untangling than fishing.

Instead of picking up and false casting let the current do the dirty work. This technique works for beginners as well as seasoned veterans and will enable both to make accurate casts, avoid tangles and catch fish.

Next time you’re out fishing try this;

Stand perpendicular to the current, facing downstream, and toss out your line out in front of you so it feeds out downstream until the desired length is achieved.

When you have the right amount of line our and the flies are skittering on the surface. With your rod tip pointed at the flies;

Lift the rod tip slowly up to the 2:00 position and stop. I mean really STOP! Then WAIT!

Turn and stand roughly parallel with the current, facing across and slightly upstream, look upstream and fix your eyes on the target area upstream you want to cast towards.

Bring the rod smoothing forward, SNAP IT to a STOP, and aim the cast through your thumb.

If done correctly the cast will unfurl and your fly or flies will land in the targeted zone.

You’re now fishing. The key is the pause. Let the fly line stretch out downstream, let the flies skitter, Lift the tip and stop, set it up, and let it fly.

Let the current be your friend.