My Fly Boxes: Box #2 – Soft Hackles & More Nymphs

Fly Box #2 – Soft Hackles and Micro Nymphs

My fly box number 2 is another C&F box with the “flip leaf” in the middle. This is my other “go to” box. My box # 1 and #2 are always in reach, whether I’m in my boat or hiking and wading with my “Fish Pond Guide Pack” This box is labeled “Soft Hackles and Micro Nymphs”. This box is the evolution of my 1st box. This is the kid in the candy store box where you have to have that fly that the guides recommend or the new pattern by Hogan Brown. I just added a box rather than tear apart my 1st box. So this has me typically pulling out both boxes and looking to both of them to decide how I want to rigg up or make changes.

Leaf #1 – Small Nymphs

2009_1124Flybox20009On the 1st main leaf I’ve got more nymphs. These are mainly 18’s. There are about about 110 nymphs on this leaf. Let’s look at the flies stashed here.

  • Hogan’s S&M Nymphs, Olive, Brown
  • Serendipitys – Red
  • Sloan’s Mighty May in Black, Olive
  • Sloan’s Mighty Mite
  • Glass bead nymph – black, 18’s, 20’s
  • Mercers Poxyback May – Olive

Leaf #2 – Prince Nymphs/Misc. Nymphs

2009_1124Flybox20005On the opposite main leaf I’ve got prince nymphs. There are so many different prince nymphs out there that can be productive, thus this leaf. There are about 70 flies on this leaf.

  • Prince Nymphs
  • King Princes
  • Queen Princes
  • Amber Wing Princes
  • Prince of Darkness
  • Hogan’s Spring Time Caddis 14’s and 18’s
  • A big hole, What the heck was in that spot?

Flip Leaf #1 – PT’s and Hogan’s

2009_1124Flybox20006Looks like I’ve got to replace some of Hogan’s patterns on this leaf. There is about 60 flies on this leaf. I’ve got to fill this one up.

  • Hogan’s Red Headed Stepchild, 16’s & 18’s
  • Hogan’s S&M Nymphs, 16’s
  • Flashback Pheasant Tails – 16’s
  • Quasimoto PT’s – 16’s
  • Hogan’s Yuba Pupa- Only 2 left
  • Hogan’s Swing Caddis – Only 1 left
  • Some Olive Caddis nymph/soft hackles

Flip Leaf #2 – Soft Hackles

2009_1124Flybox20008On this leaf I’ve got soft hackles, most of which I’ve tied. There are about 100 flies on this leaf.

  • Partridge and Yellow
  • Floss Red Yuba Soft Hackles
  • Partridge & Peacock Soft Hackles, great for the Mother’s Day Caddis
  • Pheasant Tail Soft Hackles
  • Hare’s Ear Soft hackles – March Brown
  • Soft Hackles I’ve got in Montana that have a copper wire body and a flash back. Sort of a Soft hackle PT. I wish I new the name of this one.
  • Misc. Soft Hackles & Wets

I also wish I knew how to take better resolution pictures of the boxes, but you get an idea how they are organized. I’ll have to have my friend and fishing buddy Blake help me with this.

So let’s see I’ve got about 340 flies in this box. 340 time $1.50 each equals $510 plus $40 bucks for the box. So I’ve got about $550 bucks invested in this box.

I would suggest that you check out the following websites and check out their fly selections; – A great source for flies to use in Northern CA. – Signature Tiers, Hogan Brown, Bob Quigley, Ken Morrish, Tim Fox. I use a lot of their flies

Of Course, Nevada City Anglers carries a lot of the flies, You can check them out at these websites. If Tony doesn’t have what you want you can probably have him order them for you.

Til’ next time, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving – Clay