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Fly Fishing Traditions Stillwater School

Fly Fishing Traditions is providing an entry level fly fishing class called "Fly Fishing 101". This is a comprehensive 6 session class, about 2 ½ hours per session, for the person that has the desire to get into and learn about fly fishing. This class requires a minimum of 6 people.

Fly Fishing 101

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The Sessions

  • The Fly Fishing Rod and Reel
  • Fly Casting
  • Fly Fishing Gear and Glossary
  • The Bugs and the Flies that Match Them
  • Rigging a Dry Fly Rod and a Nymphing Rod
  • On the Water Workshop

Session One

You should start with a balanced fly fishing outfit: with a rod/reel/line that balance, e.g., a balanced 5 weight outfit - a 5 weight line, a 5 weight rod and a reel that holds a 5 weight line. Then the assembled outfit should balance in your hand. While holding the grip the rod shouldn't feel butt or tip heavy. This will make for comfortable, controllable fly fishing. We start by choosing the line for the type of fishing we intend to do, then match it with a rod and then a reel.

Session Two

We start this class with demonstrating the differences between casting a traditional spinning outfit or bait casting outfit. With a traditional spinning or bait fishing outfit the line is small diameter monofilament and a heavy weight or lure is attached to the end of this line.

When casting a fly rod, the principal is radically different. When casting a fly line and a fly that weighs very little, the weight of the fly line carries the fly to its target. In order to accomplish this, the fly rod and the fly line must be manipulated properly. In order to do so one must understand the mechanics of cast.

We will teach the "Five Essentials" for good casting stroke. They are taught by the Federation of Fly Fishers as a method of learning how to cast a fly properly and efficiently.

Session Three

On day three we will review the gear that a typical fly fisher must accumulate over time. This will be broken down into "The Basics" and "The Extras". We will review a list of gear that all fly fishers will want to accumulate over time. We will note the must have items and the items that can be added as you go along.

We will also review the "FFT Fly Fishing Glossary" which are everyday terms that you will encounter when fly fishing. This will be a fun day getting a wish list put together.

We will finish up with 20 minutes of casting practice and concentrate on maintaining proper form and technique.

Session Four

On day four we will explore the world of the bugs that you will encounter when fly fishing. This is Fly Fishing Entomology 101. We will review the bugs that are available to fish in rivers and streams and their life cycles. This will enable us to start the process of looking at the flies you can use to match them. This is a true secret to becoming a proficient angler. We will discuss the difference between dry flies and nymphs. After this class you can start thinking about building a fly box.

We will learn what the bugs look like. Bugs like:

  • Mayflies
  • Caddis
  • Stoneflies
  • Grasshoppers
  • Ants
  • Bettles

Session Five

On day five we will show you how to rigg a dry fly rod and a nymphing rod and get ready to go fishing. We will build your dry fly and nymphing outfit from the ground up. To do so we will be learning all the knots you will need to master. This will put it all together for you.

  • You will learn how to tie the following knots;
  • Arbor Knot - For attaching backing to the reel
  • Nail Knot - For adding a butt section to your fly line using a "Fast Tie" tool
  • Blood knot - For tying a leader to a butt section
  • Surgeons Knot - For adding tippet to the leader
  • Improved Clinch Knot - For tying a fly to the tippet
  • Non Slip Loop Knot - For tying a fly to the tippet with an open loop for fly movement

Session Six

On day six we will meet on a local body of water and put what we’ve learned to actual use. We will have plenty of help from experienced anglers to make this day a memorable one. We will have a BBQ lunch with snacks and beverages for all.

This will be a great day to send you off on your own to experience the sport of fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Traditions Fly Fishing 101 Details

The Fly Fishing 101 Classes are offered to groups consisting of 6 -10 attendees. This workshop is especially suited for fly fishers associated with Fly Clubs and Fly Shop Clients who want to advance their skills. Get a group together and schedule your workshop. The class requires a minimum of 6 students.

  • Fly Fishing 101 Class: $250 per student

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