Fly Fishing Traditions Floating Spey School

On the Lower Yuba River

Fly Fishing Traditions is proud to offer a Spey and Switch Rod School that will take place on the beautiful Lower Yuba River. This school is broken into two separate classes over the course of two days. Day One teaches Spey Gear and Basic Spey Casting and Day Two teaches Spey Tactics and Advanced Spey Casting.

The Spey Gear and Basic Spey Casting portion of the class will review the equipment, gear, lines, heads and tips to rig a spey or switch rod properly. It will cover the basic river right casts, the double spey and the off-hand single spey. It will cover the river left casts, the Snap Tee, and the on-hand Single Spey cast. This portion of the class will enable you to develop the necessary skills to rig and cast a spey or switch rod.

The Spey Tactics and Advanced Spey Casting portion of the class will cover the more advanced spey casts like the Snap Z, the Circle Cast, the Perry Poke and the Snake Roll. You will learn which cast to use when you have an upstream wind or a downstream wind. We will discuss swinging techniques and strategies as well as fly selection.

This Switch and Spey Rod school will give the students the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to tackle trout and steelhead with a Switch or Spey rod anywhere in Northern California.

The workshops also gives the students crucial one on one time with the instructors. The course is designed for the beginning to intermediate spey anglers.

Floating Spey School

Download all of the details of our Fly Fishing Traditions Floating Spey School

List of Practice Casts you will learn:

  • Switch Cast with a Live Anchor
  • Switch Cast with a Stationary Anchor
  • Skagit Cast Casting Motion
  • Scandinavian Casting Motion
  • Shotgun Lift Rod Path

List of Spey Casts you will learn:

  • Double Spey
  • Single Spey
  • Snap T
  • Snap Z
  • Circle Cast
  • Perry Poke
  • Snake Roll

What you need to bring:

  • Wading Gear
  • Spey or Switch Rod
  • Running Line w/ matching Skagit Head and MOW tip
  • Special Diet Lunches
  • Special Drink
  • Chair & Notepad
  • Snake Roll

Fly Fishing Traditions Spey School Details

  • Classes will include shore BBQ lunches, snacks and drinks for both days.
  • "Sage" Spey or Switch Rods will be provided upon request.
  • FFT Published Booklets are included
  • Students are responsible to bring their own rod reel and wading gear.
  • Students must possess a valid California Fishing License and Steelhead Report Card
  • The Floating Clinic will take place on the Lower Yuba River
  • Lunch, Snacks and Non-alcoholic beverages are included in the clinic fee.
  • Bring your own special non-alcoholic beverages of choice

Fly Fishing Traditions Spey School Fee Schedule

The Fly Fishing Traditions Spey School is designed for multiple attendees. This School is especially suited for fly fishers associated with Fly Clubs and for Fly Shop Clients who want to advance their spey skills. Get a group together and schedule your workshop. The cost of the workshop varies depending upon the number of attendees. The more attendees the less the cost.

  • 6 people: $200 each
  • 7-8 people: $150 each
  • 9-10 people: $120 each
  • 15% Discount offered to Fly Club members

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