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Slide Show “People, Places and Memories”

A slide show that captures the heart and soul of Fly Fishing Traditions, fishing with friends, family and new acquaintances. Welcome!

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Archived Articles

Fly Fishing Traditions has has many articles that contain tips, techniques, and stories about fishing here in Northern California. The Archive has a Table of Contents that list the different categories of Articles.

The Fly Fishing Traditions Archive Page! also has an index to all of the FFT articles. To see a complete table of contents and an index to the articles click below.

Fly Fishing Traditions Archive and Index to Articles!

What’s New! Stillwater Techniques and Tips

I’ve just added a new stillwater page where I will be sharing my adventures and learning process for mastering stillwaters with tips from the likes of Brian Chan and Phil Rowley. I will be adding stillwater bugs, patterns, techniques and tips as I go along. Stay tuned and learn with me.

Click Here to go to the new Stillwater Page!

Also New! Fall Special for Floating Clinic Dates

Book a trip for a Fall Floating Clinic on the Lower Yuba for 1st Time Clients or members of the Gold Country Fly Fishers.

$300 for Full Day for one angler or $325 to bring along a friend for two anglers, 8 hours, lunch and soft beverages included. Gratuity not expected but appreciated!

Click to go to the Classes and Clinics Page for more details.

Contact Clay to take advantage of this Fall Special

FFT Guided Fishing Trips on the Yuba River

A guided fishing trip should be more than counting the number of fish caught. It is my job to help you become a more knowledgeable and skilled fly fisher. I will tailor each guided trip to your style, your preferences and your needs. I will share my knowledge of the gear, fishing techniques, bugs and flies and let you know what “bug” I’m tying on and why. Hiring me as your guide is about being well taken care of, enjoying the day, and always learning new techniques, tricks of the trade and learning about the entomology and the bugs that live in my home river.
Team up with me for a day or two to get the help you need to become a more knowledgeable and skilled fly fisher.

Contact Clay, for more information about the FFT Guided Trips or to book a day.

FFT Guided Floats on the Lower Yuba River

Full Day Trips

$375 for Full Day for one angler

$400 for two anglers

8 to 10 hours, lunch and soft beverages included.

Half Day Trips

$275 for Half Day one or two anglers, 4-5 hours, and soft beverages included.

Terminal tackle, flies, leader, and tippet provided. Loaner equipment provided if requested

p(posted). Visit the Fly Fishing Traditions Guide Page by clicking on this link

Fly Fishing Traditions Classes and Clinics

Fly Fishing Traditions is Proud in offer Classes and Clinics to become more accomplished angler. FFT offers the following classes and clinics for 2011.

With the variety of classes we offer, we can work with begineers just getting started or help tune up your casting stroke to build a working arsenal of presentation casts.

We will show you how to rigg properly for deep indicator nymphing, tight line nymphing, swinging flies and of course for presenting dry flies.

The 8 hour Floating Clinic on the Lower Yuba is the Grand Slam of Classes. We will drift you down the beautiful Lower Yuba River and teach you the techniques to be sucessful fishing there. Who knows you may land a beautifull Yuba rainbow to boot!

You can go to the Classes and Clinics Pages for all the details about the different classes and clinics right here

Recent New Article -Top 10 Habits for Fishing Stillwaters – July 2011

Phil Rowley is a strong proponent of being prepared when fishing stillwaters. This means having consistent and good habits. This also means having your equipment in order, knowing the entomology and locomotion of the bugs you will find in stillwaters and maintaining good and positive energy.

Here is a summary of Phil’s Top 10 Habits for Success on Stillwaters. I was introduced to his top 10 Habits at a “Stillwater School” he put together in Idaho. If you every get a chance to attend one of Phil’s Stillwater Schools or Seminars you won’t be sorry. You can check out Phil’s website at for lots of tips on fishing stillwaters or check out his schedule of events for schools and seminars.

(1) Equipment – Everyone should purchase a good kit bag and stock it with all the essentials for stillwaters. Dedicate this bag to stillwaters and don’t try to have one bag cover both streams and stillwaters. Use two rods and carry multiple lines. Here’s some of the equipment you will need to add to your stash.