Knots: Non Slip Mono Loop

non_slip_loop_knot1If you want a good knot for tying on your favorite streamer, try the Non-slip Mono Loop.

The Non-Slip Mono Loop is one of the most versatile knots around. It is a great choice when you’re looking for a strong loop knot. Many guides from Alaska think that the Non-Slip Mono Loop, tied properly, is the strongest, most consistent loop knot around.
Here are just a few situations which this knot may come in handy here in Northern California

Attaching wet flies to leaders when swinging for steelhead
Attaching sculpin patterns to leaders when fishing for trout
Really, attaching any wet fly to a leader, as long as it’s not a tube fly or a bead
Creating strong loop knots in the butt section of a leader for a loop to loop connection
Creating loops in both ends of monofilament running line
When tying this knot, getting the wraps to cinch properly may take a couple of rounds of pulling on the tag end and sliding the loops down the line towards the knot. It can be a little finicky to tighten at first, but it’s well worth it to get good at this one!

Here’s a graphic showing how to tie it from