Swamp Thing Progress

I’ve been working on the “Swamp Thing” recently getting it ready to chase stripers later in the month. I’ve ordered a new Lowrance HD – 7 Gen 2 fish finder and rigged it up. This model has ‘GPS’ and ‘Chart Plotting’ capabilities. Here’s what it looks like mounted in place.

  • Swamp Thing ProgressI’ve also installed the Lowrance Structure Scan module that gives me side scanning ability. It is an add on with a separate unit. It’s mounted underneath the steering column. I had to run two cables to the back of the boat for the fish finder transducer and another for the Sidefinder. Here they are mounted on a transom plate.
  • Swamp Thing ProgressI had to run two cables from the units to the stern for the sonar transducer and the Structure scan. They are two separate units that came with the fish finder and Structure Scan module. I mounted them on a transom plate on the stern.
  • Swamp Thing ProgressI also mounted a Minn Kota 12 volt, 55 pound thrust bow mounted trolling motor at the bow. I manufactured a 1/4″ aluminum plate at the bow to mount it.
  • Swamp Thing ProgressI also mount oar stands to be able to row the boat if and when I want to. Here’s what one of them looks like.

So the boat is pretty much ready to go once I figure out how to operate the fish finder and structure scan anyway. Something to go and play around with. Hopefully soon.