Updated Fly Fishing Traditions Website

After about 2 years of wanting to update the Fly Fishing Traditions website I finally hooked up with Linda and Mike of Sundial Design which is located in Redding, California. They designed a website for my friend and mentor, Mike Hibbard. I saw that Linda and Mike designed his website and did what I think was one hell of a job. I met with Linda and we were on the way to a new and improved Fly Fishing Traditions.

Is it much different? I would say it is a new and updated look more than anything. You can now view the website on any devise and it will look just right. The format is pretty much the same. The Bug Pages and the Hatch Chart haven’t changed much, just simpler and easier to navigate.

The main difference is that the Fly Fishing Traditions Blog will up front and center on the Home Page. It’s where it should be because it’s what I enjoy doing the most. Writing articles about my fly fishing experiences and journeys. The old Blog that was ru through Blogger will now be an archive of past Blog posts.

Another big change is that the recommended fly patterns have been updated in the “Hatch Chart”, “Bugs Section” and in the “Master Fly Pattern List”. There are new fly recommendations and all the fly patterns listed are now in a “PDF” format and most include tying recipes. If you see something you like, you can print it out and tie some of them up. It should inspire you to get set up with your tying and fill your fly boxes up. Figure out what bug you are trying to imitate, decide what stage, select a pattern and start tying.

Last but not least, I’ve focused on the educational classes, workshops, clinics and guiding that I am offering to those that want to take their fly fishing skills to a new level. I have a new item on the navigation bar, “Workshops” which will give you detailed information on the classes, workshops and schools that I now offer to you as an individual or to groups from fly fishing clubs here in Northern California.

Take a look at the new and updated Fly Fishing traditions and let me know what you think.